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Jul 19, 2017

What would be possible if the human body was integrated with technology? In this episode of Moonshot we meet the people who are actively trying to augment the human body and improve our own abilities.

Featured in this episode:
Bryan Johnson - Kernel
Moon Ribas - Cyborg Foundation
Amal Graafstra - Dangerous Things

Jun 14, 2017

Entrepreneur Michael Pryor shares the story behind Trello - the visual productivity app that's changing the way people organise their businesses and their lives.

Moonshot is a podcast that explores the biggest technology ideas and the crazy people that believe they can make them happen. Moonshot is hosted by Kristofor...

May 31, 2017

This week on Moonshot: Researchers have spent decades trying to build machines that have the ability to think and reason like humans. But how close are we from reaching the point of Artificial General Intelligence? 

You can find Liza Daly's article on AI and the basics of machine learning right here:

Mar 22, 2017

This week on Moonshot: If you're a billionaire with lots of money there's no better way to spend that cash then to try and send other humans to Mars. But is Mars space travel really something that could be a reality in less than a decade? Moonshot explores the race to Mars and the people trying to make...

Aug 9, 2016

Welcome to Moonshot - A new podcast where we unearth the seemingly impossible ideas and the crazy people that believe they can make them happen. Think everything from self-driving cars, to going to Mars, and all the technology and startup ideas in-between.

Moonshot is hosted by Kristofor Lawson and Andrew Moon. You can...